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I love the dynamic synergy created when your dreams and goals are interwoven with my talent and experience.  What fun!  I liken myself to a symphony conductor who brings the right instruments together in just the right balance to create an innovative and harmonious work of art---only I'm coordinating and balancing color, line, pattern, textures, scale, wood, fabrics, metals, glass, stones, tiles, and numerous professionals.  I'm the design concept person, the gorgeous finishings and furnishings gal and project manager.  I partner with AIA architects, CAD designers, licensed contractors and other associates to provide you with all of your design, building and decorating needs:  new construction, remodels, fire restoration, downsizing to assisted living, furniture, flooring, color consulting, staging, window treatments, etc. 

My goal is to help my clients create a sanctuary for their soul.  If you can dream it we can build it and decorate it! 

I specialize in Colorado Elegant, Colorado Rustic, Southwestern, Eclectic and Traditional styles. 

I save clients money by preventing DIY mistakes.  My ideal client is one who appreciates a beautiful, quality environment but does not have the time and/or expertise to create it themselves.  I charge by the hour and discount many products---depending on the size and scope of the project.     

At Diana's we create "Beautiful Homes for Real People" within every budget.   

After I finished decorating my loft myself, I realized  given costly mistakes-, I could have hired an interior designer AND saved myself  immense stress  that accompanied returning furniture and furnishings while experimenting until things felt right.   Mercedes Madsen, Denver

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